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If you or your employees spend more than two hours per day talking on a phone, you may be experiencing neck and back pains from the use of handset on the average telephone. According to Plantronics’s research, “65% of participants suffered from headaches either sometimes or frequently when using a telephone handset”. We are long time distributors of Plantronics headsets and by using a telephone headset you can reduce headaches by 27%! We believe every receptionist should have a headset.

Did you know ... If you choose a 24-month monitoring contract, we will automatically include one complimentary Plantronics headset. If you want to add more at any time, we will be happy to order and install additional headsets.

Plantronics - Simply Smarter Communications SAVI440 SAVI740 CS510 CS520 H251N H261N

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Cabling for Any Office

Copper Lines

If you’ve gone to the cloud and you’re feeling the headache and frustration that can come from a poorly designed system, you may want to go back to the reliable stability of copper lines or PRI. While copper lines are a stable solution, they have a USF tax on each line that can be as much as $10 per dedicated line. PRI is designed differently and has much less tax imposed on each line. PRI also offers caller ID by default, which can be an additional charge when using copper lines. Depending on the size and reliability needs of your phone system, we can help guide you through the process of selecting a high-quality voice service for your business.
Cable, Fiber, and Wire Installation

Ordering Services

Comcast Authorized Dealer

When you need a fast and reliable broadband connection you have options. First, you can go through a 1-800 number and take on the entire process yourself. This can be very time-consuming and may result in services and products that truly do not meet your current business needs. Often you'll pay more just because you may have to transfer to multiple sales representatives that do not communicate, don't come to your business location to see how you operate and as a result your needs are not truly assessed or documented.

The better option is to let us handle the process. With over 40 years of dedicated service to business customers, we can provide you with both network scans for the amount of Internet usage that you use and identify the optimal vendor to meet your needs. We have access to channels that will get the job done in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Don’t spend days, or even weeks, trying to improve your broadband connection. Let us take care of it hassle-free!

Avoid the frustration! Choose our streamlined ordering services and avoid the headache of broadband, voice, or cable ordering. In today’s world, you have dozens of options when installing a new cable system or ordering Internet services. Some services offer half the solution but send you somewhere else for the rest of what you need. You might purchase materials from one supplier and then have to find an authorized installer. A supplier might recommend an installer that ends up being unlicensed, uninsured, or not properly certified.

What is ultimately important is trust. We use only UL certified cable and wire. That means we will only install materials that have been certified for safety compliance, performance, quality, and reliability. Fire hazards and poor performance can be the result of installing wire that is not UL certified. In addition to our product quality guarantee, we are licensed in unrestricted low voltage wiring. Our reliable technicians can install your network once we have ordered your cable or wire. We ensure that our installations are organized and meet state and national specifications.

VoIP Busines Solutions

Hosted Phones

You need a phone system that works for your company. You don’t need to waste valuable time troubleshooting problems, consulting with IT specialists, and ordering small solutions that only they can support. Our fully managed PBX systems will take you out of the equipment management business. Our hosted phone packages include hassle-free technical support for any issue, big or small so that you can stay up and running. Your monthly rental will include on-site technician support when needed and over-the-phone support for issues that can be resolved virtually. If your equipment is damaged by natural wear and tear, we will replace it under our guaranteed lifetime warranty. When you’re ready to focus on your business, not your phones, give us a call for a free consultation.

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Offering a Wide Selection of Phone Systems

VoIP Business

Going into the cloud, coming out of the cloud to premised based equipment or just want to switch over to the upgraded services which we provide, we can assist you with the services you need and help recover some of the investment you may have already purchased.

We support multiple manufacturers, not just one. If you already have some VoIP phone hardware, we may be able to reuse what you've invested into a more effective system. If you don't like your current phones because you have outgrown them, you could take advantage of our trade-out or buy back programs.

Samsung Business Phones

Samsung smt-i5210

Avaya IP Office

Avaya 1408IP Avaya 9670G Avaya IP


Polycom CX500 Polycom VVX600 Polycom IP335


Grandstream SX300 Grandstream GXV3275 Grandstream GXP2160


Yealink T49G Yealink T46G Yealink T21P

We Service Older
Nortel Telephone Systems Too!

SIP Trunking for Business

What is
SIP Trunking?

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking is the most advanced method business telephone systems use as the highway for call processing. Some forms of it are called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and but fundamentally it is a streaming media service based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Often Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) provision sip trunks for use to business telephone services that use unified communications (UC) to business customers equipped with SIP-based PBX (IP-PBX) systems.

If that sounds complicated, but configured and managed correctly it is not. If you are focused on running your business, you need not focus on running a business telephone system. We are experts in creating reliable, high-quality, integrated phone systems that maximize your business efficiency.

VoIP Phone US delivers, implements, provides training and ongoing support servicing your business communication needs. A modern, yet practical solution approach for bringing your business to the modern modes of communication. Not only do we provide the necessary equipment, skilled technicians, and reliable customer support for your new SIP trunk VoIP phone system but we are available for questions or configuration changes as needed. You can take advantage of next generation technology to keep your business communicating.

What Does That Mean for Your Business?


Saving your business Money.SIP trunk is affordableStop the Pay-Pay-Pay cycle.

SIP trunking is significantly less than traditional analog lines and PRI's, so you save money in both services and the associated taxes. If your business has not taken advantage of using SIP Trunks, SIP trunking delivers a valuable backup that can be routed to alternative locations or simply adding a direct line without the hassle.

Contact us today to see how much your business can save. 678-564-2992

Save time with easy setup

Our installations are fast, simple, and include training, saving you time allowing you that time to go back to growing your business. We take the time to train your employees in how to maximize your communication investments in either the Hosted Phones or the Hosted Phone System using efficient SIP / VoIP phone system. We put the time in up front, where it is needed so that it maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

Responsive and Reliable Support

Unlike other providers, we support our business customers with both on-site and remote assistance as needed. Part of a good support strategy requires addressing critical outages that can affect the business communication platform. When the need arises, we'll dispatch to site a skilled technician, so you can avoid the headache that comes with most technical support issues. It is what makes us different than the Internet providers that weld you to contracts keeping you held hostage to poor service and bad solutions. Our support center is responsive, helpful, and reliable. If you need to add or delete users, the process is simple and streamlined. From installation to daily operations, we are here to ensure you get the most from your business phone system and the SIP trunking and VoIP phones you use.

SIP Trunk for Small Business

SIP trunks:
& Solutions
That Work

Reduced Costs

Multi-site organizations find SIP trunking particularly valuable because it allows separate sites to share capacity and burst-ed calling patterns. This usually results in fewer channels and greater efficiency which locations can share idle capacity.


Instead of ordering and installing a number of fixed ISDN lines - which often take weeks - SIP trunks can be quickly scaled up or down to meet your business needs without additional physical installation. The only limit is broadband capacity.


When conducting business continuity planning, ensuring that customers can access your business is critical. If one location experiences a natural disaster, flood, or fire, SIP trunking will reroute your incoming phone calls to your secondary location. Our goal is that your phone system works 100% of the time.

Broadband Backup

Should you have a problematic or Broadband outage we have redundant solutions for that issue as well. Either subscription or as needed we provide the support you need when you need it.

Unified Communications

No matter if you are using our Hosted phones or Hosted PBX we provide unparalleled UC options. A single interface for voice communications, email messages, text messages, and IM for improved message handling. Call twinning increases the likelihood that a particular party will be reached the first time by ringing a phone at two locations. Locations can be specified so that incoming calls are correctly routed to the group, queue or extension for proper call handling.

Increased Manageability

Manage call queues, groups, and users with an on-line presence in an easy-to-use portal. Individuals can manage their presence, indicating if they are available to accept calls or change status on the go. Highly visible color icons are used on an SIP-enabled desk-phones or softphones to quickly show an individual’s availability.

Multimedia Capability

The flexibility of SIP can also relate to video and data traffic as well, not just voice calling. This means that at any point during a call a user is able to add functions, such as new participants or video.

Fixed-Mobile Convergence

Mobile workers can install an App that allows the SIP client, using their smartphone to integrate with the company PBX keeping CID functionality in the business. Routing calls through the office phone system also keeps mobile phone numbers private as they display the company phone number.
Cabling for Any Office

Wire, Cable,
and Fiber

Data Cabling

Fiber Install

Paging System

Card Access

More Services

Fiber Vendors




Cable, Fiber, and Wire Installation

Don't Settle for
Average Performance

If you have an average cable installation technician install the data cable for your small office, you'll get average performance. But if you want to get the maximum performance out of your cable investment, you'll want more than just a jack on the end of a cable. You can usually identify average installers as they don't provide you with test results. Poor cable installation is one of the leading reasons for poor network performance. Rather than using a "Jack of all trades" installer, hire a professional!

We will show you the test results for the cables just installed providing you with a full result in cable efficiency. Just as in other performance products if you never test it, you'll never know if it was installed properly and according within the tolerance of cable manufacturer specifications. We take this step to save you the pain of data corruption and slow networks.

Don’t assume that all cable installers are the same. The truth is that the majority of wiring installers have no certifications, no testing equipment, and don't have the tools to properly install the office cabling you need. Cheap Jacks, generic cable without certifications, and improperly trained or amateur personnel are all contributing factors in inconsistent data cable performance.
We offer a professionally installed and reliable cable installation that will help your business operate efficiently: no more data corruption or slow network speeds. No more installation nightmares!

The company that you select should have the ability to deliver on-site service as needed. We have been in the business of business telephone systems since 1980 and serving business customers just like you. Our knowledgeable and certified technicians will provide the critical support for your business needs as they arise.

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